Blueprint Child Classes

Chris Didier
2 min readNov 7, 2022


Back in Obstacle Assault we are going to create more visually appealing moving platforms, using blueprint child classes based on cpp classes.

We are going to delete our current moving platform. Then go into our content drawer select our moving platform cpp class and create a blueprint class based on moving platform. BP_MovingPlatform and place it under content. Open up our new moving platform.

You will see that the moving platform characteristics have followed over.

Now we are going to build up a new moving platform. In the Learning Kit we had downloaded there is a floor static mesh. Use the 2nd one to create a base and then select walls and duplicate them. Create a cube from it. You can also duplicate that cube and create a tower.

Place two of the moving platforms in the scene.

This concludes on how to create a blueprint child class from a cpp class.