Forcing Character Collisions

Chris Didier
2 min readNov 8, 2022


We will be setting up our own obstacle assault course. We are going to make a few changes to our class during this process. We will have an obstacle that will push us off the ledge.

We are going to create a new blueprint class based on our moving platform class. Let’s call it BP_PushingCube. We are going to add the puzzlecube_A and scale the cube 4. We are going to set the speed on the Y by 900.

Now when we run into the Pushing Cube we run into a problem where the screen glitches out as collisions are not set.

Let’s head into our ThirdPersonCharacter_BP, Every single tick we want to move our character to the left and to the right. Search for the MoveUpdatedComponent. This says to use the character movement rules to move the character around. We will have two sets on this component one where on the delta is going x1,y1,z0 and the 2nd x-1,y-1,z0. When we do this a bug in our character movement is created so we must get the actor rotation as the new rotation in each moveupdatedcomponent.

We then added a few extra cubes to create a small course. We changed the speed on a few of the cubes as well.