Chris Didier
2 min readNov 9, 2022

We will be talking about how to add dynamic text to our log messages using cpp. What if we wanted more detailed information like the actor name or vector data of an object. We do this through using text.

In our beginPlay function we are going to set an FString Name = GetName() This will get us the actors name that this script is attached to. In our log we will use the %s instead of the %f because it is a string and where the value was we must put a * before the value so it knows it is a string.

Now this can be very useful to find out what specific object data applies to. For example our overshoot which cube is overshooting.

Let’s get the name of the target and then log of the name and how much we overshot by.

What we see is those that move faster they are more than likely to overshoot than one that is moving slower.