Chris Didier
2 min readNov 8, 2022


Here we are going to learn about the GameMode class in Unreal.

GameMode- an Actor that controls the “Rules” who sbould spawn where. Who should spawn where, how many players allowed in a game, win conditions, many rules apply to the game from the game mode.

You can select the game mode from going to the blueprint icon and from the drop down select the gamemode. Now the world override is the gamemode for that particular level.

We wil now create our own game mode. By going to gamemode new project settings create and select a base to use as a starting point. Use the gamemodebase as the baseline. We will call it BP_ObstacleAssaultGM.

In there we will change the default pawn to our third person character bp. We now want to remove our world override so select where it says learningkitgamemode and change it to none. This will use our project game mode.

Next delele the thirdpersoncharacter_bp from the level and add in a player start. Now your player will start at the location of the player start as it is set to the default pawn.

You can also right-click and select play from here as a starting location to test further into your level or another area in it.