Sleeping Guard Cutscene Pt2

We will now be talking about composing the shot for our cutscene. We will be needing to dive into cinemachine which is a dynamic camera.

To create our cinematic cutscenes will need to create a virtual camera. A virtual camera is used by the main camera to compose our shot. To do this go to the top menu bar cinemachine > Create Virtual Camera. It will appear in our heirarchy and we will rename it CM OTS Shot.

Next go to GameObject>Align With View or hot-key ctrl+shift+f

After moving the camera where we want it to do another ctrl+shift+f to re-align the camera. We then can look at the aim settings which lets us look at the soft-zone and the dead-zone. The soft-zone allows us to modify the width of what is in my shot. Everything in blue is what is focused on. In the middle is the dead-zone. As long as the target is within the dead-zone the camera will not move as soon as it goes out of the dead zone the camera will move.

When composing a scene there is something called the rule of thirds. This is adjusting the aim for the dead-zone and soft zone. The idea of this is so the shot is not dead on the main character, but to align the main actors in the corners of the camera to give more context to the environment.

After adjusting for rule of thirds

Now we are going to reset are virtual camera and find the most pleasing shot to our director.

Now we are going to create the shot from across our actors giving the angle on the other side of the current shot. To do this we will need to create another virtual camera. We are going to call the CM Midshot

We are now going to use the rule of thirds to align it with the keycard. Where the keycard is seen on the corner.

If you click on Status under the VC you can switch back between the views. The higher the priority the higher the camera will be.

On the main camera there was a new component created called cinemachine brain. This is what allows you to switch between virtual cameras.

Next time we will be talking about how to organize the cutscene.

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